The history of a network of men and women with passion

Terra Vitis saw the day in the heart of the Beaujolais vinegrowing region, in 1998 thanks to vinegrower-winemakers who were committed to protecting the environment. They very quickly formed a network so that they could try out new methods and share their results.

Protecting people and nature has always been the challenge that Terra Vitis vinegrower-winemakers are pleased to take up.

Terra Vitis is national

The Beaujolais initiative very quickly found positive echoes from other groups of producers in other vinegrowing areas.

The Terra Vitis approach was seen as an answer to the challenges in sustainable development all over France.

In 2001, the National Terra Vitis Federation was created. Today, it is made up of six regional associations.

– Terra Vitis Alsace

– Terra Vitis Beaujolais Bourgogne (Burgundy)

– Terra Vitis Bordeaux

– Terra Vitis Loire

– Terra Vitis Rhône Méditerranée (Rhône Mediterranean)

– Terra Vitis Vignoble Champenois (Champagne Vineyard)