Terra Vitis:
men and women who are attached to their land and its values

Within our work, are true to our commitments, for the consumer and for future generations

They form the framework of what we do and help us bring you quality wines that are produced in respect for the Earth and future generations.

Protecting life in the earth

Active biological life in the soil helps the vines to protect themselves naturally. A natural balance is created between the vine and its environment. We want to protect this balance.

Training and tending the vines in a sustainable way

A Terra Vitis vinegrower-winemaker keeps their vines under continual observation, always looking for the best methods to help the vine use its natural defences and limit any intervention to the bare necessity.
Any treatment is only undertaken as a last resort, when there is no other solution to guarantee an adequate yield.

Re-evaluating what we do, every day

Nothing is ever a given. Knowledge evolves, as does the climate. We meet and adapt to any challenges rather than enduring them. Terra Vitis members understand society’s expectations and endeavour to find suitable solutions.

Caring about the people around us

Terra Vitis vinegrower-winemakers care about the good working conditions of their employees and do their best to meet their training needs. They use corporate social responsibility (CSR) methods, are mindful of all the people concerned and have constructive dialogue with them. They make themselves available to explain their approach.

Transparency at all levels

From planting to the bottle, each stage of production is checked by an independent accredited organisation. Terra Vitis vinegrower-winemakers are meticulous in their traceability records. “I do what I write down, I write down what I do.” Transparency inspires trust, naturally.

We borrow the earth from our children

Terra Vitis vinegrower-winemakers work on the problems of today in order to anticipate those of tomorrow. They do what is necessary to be able to hand a profitable estate down to their children or transferees.